Bar Pink logo

mon 8/1 9pm
Motown on Monday

tues 8/2 9pm
Tiki Tuesday
feat. Mr. Adrian Demain

wed 8/3 9pm
DJ GrandMasta Rats

thur 8/4 9pm
Ceremony Night

fri 8/5 9pm
First Friday
with DJ Artistic

sat 8/6 9pm
DJ Old Man Johnson

sun 8/7 9pm
Rat Sabbath

mon 8/8 9pm
Wreckord Mania

tues 8/9 9pm
Tiki Tuesday
with The Fink Bombs

wed 8/10 9pm
Taurus Authority

thur 8/11 9pm
Grown Folk Music

fri 8/12 9pm
The Little Richards
with Jason Hanna &
The Bullfighters

sat 8/13 9pm
Tiny Stills
Kali Kazoo
The MilkCrates DJs

sun 8/14 9pm
Rat Sabbath

mon 8/15 9pm
Motown on Monday

tues 8/16 9pm
Tiki Tuesday
with Alvino & The Dwells

wed 8/17 9pm
Tribute to Tupac & Nate Dogg
feat. Monuments and
DJ Artistic

thur 8/18 9pm
DJ Ikah Love

fri 8/19 9pm
DJ @Large

sat 8/20 9pm
Neon Beat -
The Best and Worst
of the 80s

sun 8/21 9pm
Rat Sabbath

mon 8/22 9pm
Soultry Monday
with Tori Roze &
the Hot Mess

tues 8/23 9pm
Tiki Tuesday
with DJ Marshall Islands

wed 8/24 9pm
Wednesday Night Boogie
with DJ L

thur 8/25 9pm
Gone Baby Gone

fri 8/26 9pm
80s ❤ 90s

sat 8/27 9pm
DJ Mike Delgado

sun 8/28 9pm
Rat Sabbath

mon 8/29 9pm
Motown On Monday

tues 8/30 9pm
Tiki Tuesday

wed 8/31 9pm
Temple Party